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  • "When working with Terri I found her counsel to be inspiring and always appropriate for the situation. Terri brings a great combination of theory, business sense and fun to her implementation plans and she is equally capable of handling large group seminars as well as small Leadership teams. I personally thoroughly enjoyed her facilitation of our meetings and know that my team members have come away with lasting lessons learned."                  
    Gerry D'Souza -Sr VP Commercial Marketing, Downstream, USA. BP

  • "We are seeing three consultancies for this work; two have worked with us before and then you. To be honest we know that the other two have presented ‘off the shelf’ designs, whereas yours is clearly specifically designed for us and more accurately meets our needs." 
    Simon Brindle, Head of Change, HM Treasury

  •  "A great opportunity to explore what we want and need, in an environment that was very conducive to creativity and thinking differently, and still getting lots done. Really enjoyable and useful, not often combined so successfully!”   
    Tara, Finance Manager, BBC World

  • "Inspire’s contributions led to substantially improved team performance and our most successful sales conferences to date. The Inspire consultants we worked with were flexible, professional and completely focused on our objectives and requirements. By creating the right atmosphere and providing the right content, Inspire gained the respect and trust of the entire Nortel team.”
    Annick Clement, Sales Development Director, Europe Middle East and Africa, Nortel Networks

  • "I really enjoyed working with you Terri, a good job on your part. It is tough to keep a herd of bulls in one pasture without a dust up. But it came off without a hitch.”
    Thom White ,Contractor, BP Libya, Seismic Project

  • "Sara described you as someone who would challenge quite strongly but was able to do this in a very supportive manner. She said that she "couldn't get away with things" and that you wouldn’t allow her to do that and in retrospect whilst it was hard, it was definitely for the best and she saw the benefits from it very quickly. She described your style as questioning and that often you would pick up on things she said and question her interpretation. This she found extremely constructive as she often had a very personal interpretation that wasn’t always right and she started to see things from others perspectives very quickly.”
    Susanna Long, Training and Development Manager, FremantleMedia Group Ltd

  • "Terri was able to guide our worldwide team of twenty five through a series of explorations into how we could work differently together, and the potential benefits and implications of this for both ourselves and the larger organisation. Her listening skills and depth of knowledge enabled her to know just the right interventions to make in the moment, to allow the individuals to get what they needed and enable a high level of commitment to action. A successful team outcome which exceeded expectations."
    Jan Campbell, Refining Technology, BP

  • "Terri took the time to understand what we needed and developed a programme specific to our challenge. Over a ten month period Terri facilitated a variety of sessions from one-to-one interviews and coaching, interactive workshops, project work and full team presentations. The inspirational programme encouraged us to step outside the comfort zone and identify the major obstacles, while celebrating the successes we had achieved. Terri explored our individual values and beliefs and facilitated a move towards common values which would bring the team closer together."
    Simone Pennie, FinanceDirector, BBC

  • “The coaching helped me to define more clearly my role within the gallery and focus on our group aims and goals, working towards a more efficient way of working. It also enabled me to understand better the roles of other people. As a result, we are all a lot better connected.”
    Suzy Parkinson, Finance Manager, The Jelly Gallery

  • "Inspire responded well to our brief by providing an imaginative and enjoyable workshop.The informal style helped us to work well with each other, build our confidence and lose our inhibitions. It was a challenging workshop and we now have a much more creative, team-focused approach to preparing for new business presentations as a result."
    Sian Thomas, Accounts Manager, Stafford, Long & Partners

  • ”The reason I chose Inspire for our group facilitation project is because unlike many consultancies that want to drive you from A to B, Inspire’s approach is flexible enough to allow the group to go where it needs to go, with the assurance you will end up where you need to be! With Inspire facilitation becomes a combination of structured process, participant checking and intuition – which is an intimate and powerful combination of both thinking and feeling. I have no hesitation in recommending this team.”
    Chris London, Technical Vice President  R&M, BP

  • “The main benefits of our coaching sessions have been working together as a team, generating ideas, learning about how individuals work and how we can build on it together. By visualising the Jelly’s goals, sharing ideas and workloads, we have realised what each person is really good at.”
    Zillah Garner, Marketing Manager, The Jelly Gallery

Involving and Engaging People in Change- Participant Feedback

  • There was a relaxed atmosphere at our workshop, which although it was structured, did allow for spontaneous, insightful and significant ideas to be put forward. There was no pressure to perform. You felt a desire to participate without being forced or compelled to do so. It was more a case of wanting to participate enthusiastically to benefit us as individuals as well as a group.

  • A very enjoyable 2-day workshop with the hope of change. Looking forward to using new skills I believe I’ve picked up. Using my brain and seeing a wider picture was valuable. A very worthwhile workshop and it has made me realise a new vision.

  • I have gained a great deal from the experience and would highly recommend the workshop to others. I didn’t feel like the workshop was at all contrived. It felt natural, genuine. It reinforced some of my beliefs and behaviours and also introduced me to other techniques and values that can be of benefit.

  • Our Inspire consultant was very open to opinions and ideas. Positive, motivating and enthusiastic in her approach to benefit us and improve our situation. She was likable and genuine, obviously knowledgeable and a very good facilitator.

  • It was a very positive, informal, interactive workshop which proposed certain ideas, researched the methodology behind the ideas and set concise tangible proposals at obtaining solutions for the underlying objectives.

  • I valued the informal tone, the opportunity to talk freely, and the mixture and balance between work and fun.

  • The workshop was well organised and thought provoking with an emphasis on moving forward.

  • Our workshop helped me discover: the various points of view that existed within the group; the perceptions we had about current working conditions, the problems that existed, and the best way to approach these. It made me realise that my ideas and thoughts are not rare - that there were indeed many people who shared my concerns. It was also beneficial to hear suggestions/solutions, which I had not considered.

  • The Inspire workshop enabled me to realise the importance not only of speaking up and voicing my concerns, but also of sitting back and really listening to what other people have to say. I will strike up a better balance now between these two behaviours in order to create more positive conversations and interactions.

  • The workshop gave me confidence, understanding of problems and where they stem from and ideas about how to turn a negative into a positive.

  • Being able to air your thoughts without being worried who will hear them was a key workshop benefit. Also, meeting people and bonding with colleagues, realising exactly what reasons are making me unhappy in my job. Now I know I can do something about it and it’s up to me. Knowing I’m not the only person who feels this way was really valuable as was communicating and getting new ideas from colleagues to move forward.

  • The workshop created a kind of solidarity; made us feel united and stronger. It elicited a willingness to implement changes, to get the bad points out of our chests. It inspired hope and belief in a better future.