Coaching Supervision / Shadow Consultancy

More and more, companies are expecting their coaches to be accredited and as part of that accreditation, coaching supervision is a requirement.

Terri has been coaching leaders for some 20+ years now and supervising coaches and acting as a shadow consultant for the last 7 years. She is currently taking the coaching supervision programme at Ashridge.

Coaching Supervision/Shadow Consulting offers the coach/consultant the time and space to step back and reflect on their practice, with expert support. It can be particularly helpful when involved in a large project, where you may be drawn into the same mindset as your clients, or when feeling stuck about a particular situation, offering differing perspectives and solutions.

It works well for both internal and external coaches/consultants and is also a good reminder of best practice.

We recommend 2 hour sessions 1-1 or small group sessions (6) of ½-1 day