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Servant-Leadership Conference - London, Early November 2013

Mark it in your diary - details to follow.

 Servant-Leadership Book

Terri McNerney has written the final chapter of a wonderful new book Servant-leadership: Bringing the Spirit of Work to Work

So What is Servant-Leadership?

Servant-Leadership, simply put, is about serving your people as well as leading them; it is more a way of being than doing. Balancing the need to empower others and the need to be a strong, visionary, transformational leader. Leading from a place of passion and purpose, for something you strongly believe in… something bigger than ‘self’.

Ask yourself the question 'What is my leadership in service of?'

"The potential of hierarchy to corrupt would be dissolved, according to Greenleaf, if leaders chose to serve those they led - if they saw their job, their fundamental reason for being, as true service. For this idea we owe Greenleaf a great debt. His insights also go a long way toward explaining the 'leaderlessness' of most contemporary institutions, guided as they are by people who have risen to positions of authority because of technical or decision-making skills, political savvy, or desire for wealth and power."
Peter Senge - Introduction to Synchronicity

Terri McNerney
has been a Board member of the UK Greenleaf Centre for Servant-Leadership for the last 10 years, and has seen the ideas and practices of Servant-Leadership grow in the UK over that time. She believes that the world of work is becoming more and more interested in different approaches to leadership and based on feedback from their annual conferences, there is an increasing interest in Servant-Leadership.

Is it a soft option?

Only if you overemphasis the idea of the servant and ignore the power of the creative interface between these two seemingly opposite ideas. Servant and Leader. This is where the true power and challenge comes from. Servant leaders are not victims of their organisations, but co-creators of the future.

Servant Leadership is very much in line with the approach favoured by many of the top rated companies in the ‘Best Companies’ Survey for the Sunday Times, the research of both ‘The Centre for Tomorrow’s Companies’, and those companies who transform for ‘Good to Great’ companies’ (Jim Collins).

Previous Workshops 

June 24th 2010 - Servant-Leadership, Change & Transition Workshop

Servant-Leadership is one of the most effective and powerful philosophies around for leading long lasting change. Companies that use it have high levels of performance and motivated staff.
Terri, who is also a Board member of the Centre for Servant-Leadership, will co-lead a workshop to explore the business benefits of Servant-Leadership in more detail.

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Servant-Leadership Workshop - London 15th May 2009

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