header-grad16.jpgOpen Space

Harrison Owen

The idea for Open Space came about after feedback from an International conference and suggested that the best parts of the conference were the coffee breaks!

In response to this, Open Space aims to combine the level of energy and engagement present at a really good coffee break, with the action and outcomes of a really great meeting.

Open Space as the name suggests, provides people with the space to follow what they are genuinely curious about exploring further, going with their natural energy and enthusiasm to find out more. To enable this openness there is a structure behind the scenes that the skilled facilitator works with. This structure allows the creative process to come together in a meaningful and useful way.

It is particularly effective where a diverse group of people must deal with complex and potentially conflicting material in an innovative and productive way.

For Open Space Technology to work, it must focus on a real business issue that is of passionate concern to those who will be involved.