Neuro Linguistic Programming



NLP has a bad name with some people and I think this comes from a section of people who find NLP and think it's the answer to everything and clearly it's not, well not for me at least!

It is very effective when combined with a wider understanding and experience of other approaches to developing people and has a wonderful range of great questions and processes to add to the mix. It is particularly useful when raising people's awareness of the way they do things and the impact this can have on themselves and others.

In simple terms, NLP is about:

  • how we think and feel,
  • what we say, how we say it and how we are influenced by what we hear, and
  • how we act to achieve our results.

NLP  started with a group of people who were looking for 'models of excellence ' in the field of personal development. They pulled together a number of best practices from their research at the time and this has been continually updated as new examples of excellence are found.