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Coaching helps people become more aware of their role, their purpose and their individual qualities, and hones the skills needed to perform well.

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One to One

Executive coaching is very much a one to one, personalised development programme, designed to build on what you do well now and to support you in growing further into your current and future roles.

  • You’re moving to a more senior role and will need to be able to grow and support your direct reports…
  • You have a new boss and have no idea what they want from you…
  • You have a clear idea of what is needed, but it’s everyone else, how do you get them to work with you?
  • You have been asked to represent your department on a major change project. A number of people are really getting in the way and you don’t know how to influence them…

No matter how many presentations, trainings or workshops you attend, there comes a time when you need to integrate the new learning into your own practice. To take what you have learnt and make it work for you. The only way you can really achieve this effectively is through coaching, because with the individual attention, you learn what works best for you.

Just like going to the gym, you can mess about with the different machines, try a few new classes maybe, but it’s when you sign up with a personal coach that you really start to see the difference it can make. Someone to monitor your progress, make you aware of what’s working and what’s not, helping you achieve the targets you set yourself, and providing support and motivation along the way.

We believe you really need to experience the benefits of a great coaching relationship before you fully realise the positive impact it can have for both yourself and others who work with and for you.


Executive coaching can also be applied to leadership teams, where the focus is on how you work together currently, looking at both the individual needs and the needs for the whole team. Then how you can make these differences work for you, complement each other and work together in service of something greater. The end result being that you are providing that extra something as a team on top of your individual contributions as a leader.

With Leadership teams this can be also be combined with working through current business issues (see design and facilitation), so you are dealing with real situations, being coached in the moment and learning as you go along, often a very powerful combination.

We were invited to work with an Operations Leadership Team of seven people, when their boss realised they were not functioning as a team. There was a lack of trust and a lot of competitiveness, which meant that people were working to their own agendas and found it hard to sign up to the broader objectives.

By stepping outside traditional models, we were able to bring a creative approach to developing this team. Each individual worked with a coach to articulate what he or she felt they could best contribute, and explore what they most valued about others’ contributions.

This approach generated a much improved willingness to listen to and appreciate each other. In turn it enabled people to be more open and honest in expressing their opinions, and as a result the team was able to reach a genuinely shared view of the service they were delivering, and to communicate this to their own department teams.

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