The Art of Thinking Together (Bill Isaacs, Peter Garrett)


Most of us, despite our best intentions, tend to spend our conversational time waiting for the first opportunity to offer our own comments or opinions, rather than really listening to what the other person is saying, 'reloading' as Bill Isaacs would say.

So many businesses today suffer from poor working relationships where people are not being heard, different perspectives are not welcome, leaders are certain they are right, and as a result opportunities are missed and performance is disappointing.... and it doesn't have to be that way!.

A ‘dialogue’ is a shared inquiry, a way of thinking and reflecting together.
This approach to change,  focuses primarily on developing practices and capabilities where habitual and stuck patterns of interaction and thought are continuously challenged and reflected upon.

Dialogue enables leaders/people to think or talk together in a way that summons up our own deeply held common sense, wisdom and potential.

It provides an approach to dealing with the undercurrents beneath the surface of our conversations, in a way that can bring people together.