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When it comes to sensitive or confidential matters we often find leaders are operating on their own, not so much from choice as necessity.

With Inspire the Best you gain another contributor, someone with no vested interest in the outcomes you choose. We provide impartial support - as a sounding board, a strategic adviser, a confidential thinking partner, to allow you to further explore and expand your ideas. Then you can make more confident decisions, knowing that you’ve had the opportunity to consider things more thoroughly. It may be that:-

  • You work alone a lot and would value someone to help you think things through…
  • You enjoy the creative process of throwing ideas around and seeing what emerges…
  • You want to test a plan with someone who has expertise in people and organisations …
  • You’d like to get your own thoughts clear before you start discussing things with your team…

Whatever your goal, or even if you don’t know which path you’re on, Terri’s exploratory approach will take you in a positive direction. Like having another pair of eyes to see things you may have overlooked. Working with us is an opportunity for unfettered thought and companionable musings, yet almost without knowing it you’ll arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and invigorated.

A finance director had been leading his team through a period of major reorganisation, and was finally putting all the new structures and people into place. Having been steeped in a difficult process for many months, it was becoming hard for him now to see how to encourage his staff to feel proud of the results and promote them across the organisation.

This client had been focused on providing a certain drive and presence for his team. By asking questions that allowed him to explore and express his total commitment and emotional energy, he was able to acknowledge his part in the strategy and contribution to its success.

From this we were able to find a method of expressing the results that would appeal to the wider team and give them a foundation for their own stories to tell to their colleagues and customers.

Having a confidential thinking partner is like having someone else to figure out a new puzzle with, trying different moves and combinations, creating new patterns and possibilities. Frequently you can do this with your leadership team or with colleagues, but when this is not as option we fill the gap.

How can we help you?

Call Terri McNerney on +44 20 8840 4305, or email her: terri@inspirethebest.com

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