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David Grove



Clean Language is an amazingly simple and yet powerful approach that works with metaphor and has been derived over the last decade or so from the work of David Grove. It is a style of working that is the ultimate in reflective listening - allowing the facilitator or consultant to ask highly pertinent questions without adding any new content of their own. Hence 'clean' of presupposition, bias, appreciation and depreciation. The idea is to work with the client's view of the world rather than imposing your own.

Clean Space takes this a stage further. Working with the space around you , you can achieve amazingly creative, powerful and often unexpected insights; a common comment is 'where did that come from!'

Almost impossible to describe - but powerful to experience. Terri is one of the first small group of certified practitioners in this technique.


Previous Workshops

Clean Change Conference

22-24 October 2010 - London

Terri presented a session on Combining Clean & Appreciative Inquiry in Times of Change & Transition -

Clean Change & Transition Workshop 1st July 2010 - London

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