Leading through Change, Resistance and Uncertainty

We all know that change is a constant now, and that some people are better at working with it and through it than others.

Resistance is a normal part of any change process, as are the feelings of confusion and uncertainty that often accompany it. Understanding what causes this and then how to deal with it are vital for the success of any change programme.

If you can treat resistance as an expression of integrity rather than intransigence, you will be able to work with it rather than against it. That will give you a much greater chance of achieving genuine, lasting change. As Sue Craig says in Make Your Mark, you do not need to be a psychologist to be effective, you simply need to understand:

  • The causes of resistance
  • The signs of resistance
  • How you should respond when you spot resistance
  • What you must avoid doing and saying to make matter worse
  • How to interact with others to avoid resistance in the first place

How can we help you?

Depending on the size of the change and the nature of your needs, we can offer some or all of the following support:

  • As a strategic adviser to help you clarify exactly what changes are necessary and on how to go about these change in the most effective way.
  • Design & facilitation of part of or all of the overall programme, workshops, team meetings , learning sets etc.
  • 1-1 support for key players.
  • Overall project management.
  • Regular reviews & feedback to ensure changing circumstances are accounted for.