header-grad19.jpgAppreciative Inquiry

David Cooper-Rider, Diane Whitney, Frank Barrett


Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is different to many other approaches to change because rather than asking you to focus on the problems and how to fix them, Appreciative Inquiry challenges you to search for what you want instead. It encourages you to focus on what has worked well in the past and to build on this, to acknowledge what is working well now and how you can create more of this.

Research has shown that more people are prone to focus on the negative than the positive, just think of the number of problems that seem to arise within businesses on a regular basis, or the number of 'bad news' stories in the media. So Appreciative Inquiry is designed to redress the balance and remind people that good things are happening as well, to bring them into the foreground, so that they can be appreciated and built on, generating a much more positive and forward looking perspective on matters.

‘Appreciative’ comes from the idea that when something increases in value, it appreciates.

‘Inquiry’ refers to the process of asking thought provoking questions to move you forward